Pokemon Crystal Gaurdains/ Harvest

the new generation of pokemon

pokemon sprites

Here are some sprites/ maps I made in my spare time

 Daniel sprites (aka. the main character)

 and here is my custom tiles that I made on the weekend all 100% custom... if you want to use them ask for permission in the froum

 and its kirby's overworld

 golden dragon hero's (made in like three seconds)

 a map made with my custom tiles all 100% custom

 Kingdom hearts character overworlds

 Dan & leaf FR/LG style and D/P style

 My vey own Driftlon ballon I made one day

 Turtle & Squirtwig

 the Starter town in PCG all i need  to do now is make the starters ( ps do you like my custom lab that I made well I put snow on it anyway

 Glacier Town in Pokemon Crystal Gaurdians

 Glacier Town with no snow because the crystals are back in there place (Pokemon Crystal Gaurdians)

 Harvest Moon Farm, your property in pokemon Harvest 

 Moon Rock Town , where lots of miners come to find precious jewels (part of pokemon Harvest©)

 Ash and Pikachus hideout, a map I made years ago (on paint) and that is why it is bad

 The PCG© avatar

 The Pokemon Crystal Gaurdians© banner

 This was the original avatar when my site was about pokemon topaz